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This was the original website for Knoxville Hip Hop. it eventually became, and than after the dot com expired. This site was became a redirect site. is no longer a website, the webmaster was unable to keep up the bill. Please check back soon for links to other websites dealing with hip hop in the southeastern USA.

Or you could do a search on Google, which is much more useful at this point.

Added in 2019: I am slowly starting to archive the hours and hours of recorded radio shows in mp3 format online. They can be found HERE:

Knoxville, TN hip hop links:

H R Hip Hop

Knox Shows

The Edutainment Hip Hop Show






















This website is a time capsule. It was fresh back in 2001. Now it's pretty much abandoned and forgotten. Congrats! You found a digital graveyard!
This website was put together by Ratchet. To see what's he's up to now a days, follow him on twitter @JasonKnowsBeer and on Instagram at @oldmanratchet